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Survanta Intratracheal Suspension is a sterile, non-pyrogenic pulmonary surfactant intended for intratracheal use only. It is a natural bovine lung extract containing phospholipids, neutral lipids, fatty acids,  and surfactant-associated proteins to which dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine, palmitic acid and  tripalmitin are added to standardize the composition and to mimic the surface-tension lowering  properties of natural lung surfactant. Each mL of Survanta contains 25 mg of phospholipids. It is an off-white to light brown liquid supplied in single use glass vials containing 8 mL (200 mg phospholipid).

SURVANTA should be administered by or under the supervision of doctor experienced in intubationventilator management, and general care of premature infants. SURVANTA should be inspected visually for discoloration prior to administration. SURVANTA is stored refrigerated (2-8°C). Date and time need to be recorded in the box on front of the carton or vial, whenever SURVANTA is removed from the refrigerator. Before administration, SURVANTA should be warmed by standing at room temperature for at least 20 minutes or warmed in the hand for at least 8 minutes. Artificial warming methods should not be used. If a prevention dose is to be given, preparation of SURVANTA should begin before the infant\'s birth.

Slow Heartbeat

Blocked Breathing Tube While on an Artificial Breathing Machine

High Blood Pressure

Constriction of Blood Vessels of the Extremities

Abnormally Low Blood Pressure

Loss of Skin Color

Periods of Not Breathing


Excess Amount of Carbon Dioxide in the Blood

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